Pretty Little Liars ~ What I think.. & An Update..

Before you read ahead – STOP scrolling if you -for whatever reason-haven’t watched till the latest episode-which is Season 6 Episode 3.

You’ve been warned. I will not be held responsible for spoilers.


Season 6 starts where Season 5 left off. The girls are camping outside the confinement they were taken to by A- after being locked out by A as punishment for trying to escape.

Escaping didn’t seem like a good plan, when it is revealed that they are surrounded by an electric fence-putting any chances of climbing it or even touching it to a zero. Well they could try but you know-get fried in the process.

Well we kind of were given a clue on who A is. Yes it still wore a mask. All the time. At least we know that it’s a ‘he’. Doesn’t it get hot wearing that black hoodie and mask all the freakin time?!!! Guess we’ll never know. Or maybe you can try it out and tell me.

‘A’ has a name too. After over five years of guessing games. I’m pretty sure every viewer screamed – Finally!!! His name is Charles and he seems to be Jason’s twin – Alison’s half brother. That came as a shocker to most viewers. En-route trying to escape Spencer finds A’s/Charles’s room. She’s also lucky enough to see the video of two small boys-potentially twins with Mrs DiLaurentis and a baby Alison. Toys, weird dolls and a whole bunch of childhood stuff came along as a bonus.

Source: tumblr
Source: tumblr

But just like always Marlene King has made sure we are never sure of anything-for more than a few minutes. Flash-forward to episode 2 of Season 6, the liars set the place of fire and are finally saved by their Knights in Shining Armour plus Alison. But not before Charles makes yet another ‘Out-of-nowhere’ appearance on the other side of a supposed glass wall(it freaked the hell out of me).

The liars are finally free. Yay! But everything isn’t all sunshine and daisies for very long. They soon start acting out one by one. Refusing to see the other, lashing out on family etc etc. Leaving a lingering question in the viewers mind- What happened to the liars behind closed doors? Whatever happened seems to be the key to all their behaviors. Though we are shown flashes of what happened- no one really knows.

This season comes with yet another twist in the whole ‘Who is A’ theory. Andrew Campbell is arrested for being the girls’ kidnapper – making him Charles DiLaurentis by default.

Source: MTV


I don’t really buy the whole Andrew being A theory. For two reason- 1)Andrew getting arrested just seemed to easy. Catching A wouldn’t have been a walk in the park. And we know that from experience. 2)If Andrew was Jason’s twin, isn’t he too old to still be in high school. Also, wouldn’t Jason remember he had a twin? Granted he was a kid- but wouldn’t you remember?

I have however stopped over analyzing the situation. And letting the show take it’s course and not speculate.

So thus begins another grueling game of guessing. Is he? Or is he not? Only time will tell.

And I almost forgot about ‘the other’ girl held prisoner there with the liars+Mona. Sara Harvey, the girl who went missing the same time as Alison. Poor girl. She looked tortured, unkempt and scared. Nothing you wouldn’t expect from a person held hostage underground for over two years.

Ok so my thoughts on PLL. To start out it’s one of the few shows I have religiously watch right from the Pilot. That was five years ago. Aren’t you too old to watch it now,  you may think. Well I’m not ‘that’ old. Besides the show has enough drama and suspense to keep my interest peeked. Oh! and how can I forget the insane male cast ensemble and great clothes. Enough to keep a girl going- Don’t you think? So yes after 123 episodes, 9 deaths(I think. I’m not keeping count), countless scares from A-Which btw CREEPS THE HELL OUT OF ME. I still watch Pretty Little Liars.

Caleb, Ezra and Toby have somehow managed to crawl into my heart and to stay there for five seasons and counting. Every girl dreams of a boyfriend like Caleb. No arguments. He is like the sweetest and most understanding fictional character with the good dash of bad boy. And boy is he patient. Having a girlfriend like Hanna isn’t easy.

I’m still not convinced that Alison has turned saint though. Every time I start thinking ‘Ok maybe the girl’s changed’ something happens that makes me second guess. So right now I’ve given up. Verdict- I don’t trust Alison.

Marlene King is great at what she does. Keeping us hanging. And lets admit it – It works! So starts yet another-hopefully nerve wrecking, suspense ridden- season of admittedly one of the best ABC series –

Pretty Little Liars.

PjPhlp x


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